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142 Thoughts Of A Convicted Felon

142 Thoughts of a convicted felon is an insightful and beautifully composed composition of moving meaningful poems, reflections, and sentiments from offender #1001732 Damon Smith while he served time in the Missouri Department of Corrections. 


Loud A Strong Story (0.5)

Raised in the mean and vicious streets of St. Louis MO, following the rules and regulations passed down to him, Day paints a vivid picture of his everyday life in the city where there are three types of people; those that Go Get It, those that Wait For It, and those that are In The Way. From the streets to prison - back to the streets to deal with the real life characters that make his life a movie.

Loud - A Strong Story (0.5)



Loud [A Strong Story (0.5)]

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Think I'm In Love ft. Yahwrae

Mr. Hey Now - Think I'm In Love ft Yahwrae (prod. by Shantiseng) is the next single to be released by Freshoutent on (12/24/17)


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HimyName Day

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