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Who is  Bacon ?

Baconmspig or Bacon for short is the very colorful piggy bank that is trying to bridge the gap between the autoimmune disease Multiple Sclerosis and the people it effects. In the honor of the fallen queen Ms. Edna Jean Smith her son Damon is on a journey to keep the life and memory of his mother alive by spreading the word about how MS impacted the life of his mother and himself, by making charitable donations to people that suffer from the autoimmune disease, doing community service, and acknowledging the issue to let them know that they are not alone in the struggle.

The First @BacomMSpig Ceremony 

FyckMS       LLEJS

The Second @BacomMSpig Ceremony



A brief description of what the BaconMSpig stands for and what it represents

The Last Party For Edna Jean Smith

Photos from the 1st BaconMSpig Ceremony held to Honor Edna Jean Smith

Presentation ceremony of BaconMSpig

Ms. Brandy Spray. The first recipient of the BaconMSpig in honor of Ms. Edna Jean Smith a sufferer of MS for more than 30 years. Present was Aunt Randi Cat and Damon Smith (the son and founder of the BaconMSpig.)

Brandy Spray First Recipient of the BaconMSpig

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