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Damon Smith 


Mr. Hey Now / Day

Born July 6th, 1977 in Kansas City MO to Edna Jean Smith and Robert Lee Wren. After the mysterious death of his father in 1980 his mother returned to her birth place St. Louis MO to raise him as a single parent. Intelligent and confident as a youth with a diverse upbringing in the over and underworld, he found a path of trouble, stress, and struggle as a teenager than lead him to prison before adulthood. Released from the Department of Corrections first in 2010 then again in 2015, he fell right back into the behaviors of a  recidivist. 2016 due to a medical issue and a promise he made to his mother he left the street life and started Freshoutent     

A Man Of Many Hats

Damon Smith

The Author

With three books to his credit

 Loud A Strong Story (0.5) 

 142 Thoughts of A Convicted Felon 

Solitary Confinement (My Walls Are Talking) 


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Carrier of the BaconMSpig

Multiple Sclerosis Activist

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Day is an advocate for the cure of Multiple sclerosis in honor of his mother Ms. Edna Jean Smith, 

who has been a sufferer of the illness for 30 years. He is also the founder and one of the carriers of the BaconMSpig a nonprofit organization started to spread the word about MS to the world through community projects and charitable donations. 

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Mr. Hey Now

The Artist

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Mr. Hey Now the artist has three albums 

(Say No Mo, Hey Now II/RyghtbacklykeIneverleft, & Street Music No Vulgarity)

Two mixtapes

 (Honey I'm Home & Honey I'm Home 2)

Three singles

 (The Play ft. Da Roski, Think I'm In Love & 2 F.O.E. 1)

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